About PG Pothole

Prince George is known for winter, and woods and wildlife, but we also have another feature, one we love to hate.

~ Potholes! ~

I make maps for a living. I use geography and the web to build things like Mammoth Trails or ecoReserve. Last year I built the first PG Pothole Map. There was a minor media flurry and I found myself on TV and on the radio. This is certainly a hot topic that engenders some passion in the people of Prince George. Whether it be your front end you trashed in a bath sized hole or the vehicular obstacle course you need to negotiate on the way to work, no one likes potholes. Now you have a chance to help map them!

If you are a twitter person, please feel free to tweet your potholes, or tweet some buzz about potholes in PG using the #pgpothole hash tag. But hey, no tweeting and driving, that would be dangerous, illegal and stupid!

If you're a map person, get in touch with me at sparkgeo

Wow, we got on the radio! check out the interview here

So, how does it work?


Tweet your location (with location services enabled) using the #pgpothole hashtag and it will appear on this map.

~ or ~

You can write an address before a double colon (::) and this app will geo-code the address for you. Make it look something like: "5th and carney, prince George, BC :: #pgpothole" or the example on the right, and it will appear on the map too.

Your tweet should look a little like this: